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Looking Out for Young America:

  • Protect our youth from sex and violence on the TV, internet, movies, video games and all forms of communication, print, media or devices by enacting laws that require the above industries to provide easy parental blocks and labels describing them as products morally dangerous to our youth.

  • Make Abortion illegal.

  • Keep parents and institutions from robbing youth of their future by holding them accountable through tougher laws for crimes against our youth.

  • Help teenage mothers, teenage fathers and adults become better parents by providing parenting programs for them in public schools.

  • Conduct sexual abstinence classes in middle and high schools.

  • Have elders share their wisdoms of life via after school and before school programs.

  • Provide parks and playgrounds for our youth to compete in Olympic sports.

  • Build and support privately own youth detention facilities that are Kingdom-of-God based and teach and operate them according to biblical principles.

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