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Prison Reform Strategy:

  • Allow inmates to vote in all elections.

  • Reinstate college courses and degrees in penal systems.

  • End using the penal system for slave labor.

  • Pay inmates minimum wage for an honest day's work.

  • Build and support Private prisons that are Kingdom of God based and teach and operate prisons according to Kingdom principles.

  • Teach inmates how to be good stewards over themselves and their resources.

  • Allow inmates to spend time with their family in prison.

  • Educate inmates on being good mates, parents and citizens.

  • Require inmates to attend counseling sessions with family members.

  • End the rapes in prison male and female.

  • End any sexual activity between inmates.

  • Allow inmates to play sermons, biblical reading and teaching over the speaker system in their cells, while sleeping and during the day.

  • End capital punishment.

Prison Drugs and Military:

  • Repeat drug offenders can join the military to fight in the War against drugs and other worthy wars.

  • Give nonviolent drug offenders immediate release from prison on probation provided that they participate in a mandatory church Kingdom-based approved drug rehab program.

  • Amnesty to drug dealers who stop selling drugs, pay taxes on money earned on drug sales and enter legitimate business arena via an entrepreneurial program connected to a faith-based organization or to a federal, state, city or county government.

  • Amnesty to illegal gun owners who turn in guns and enter an anger management program of the federal, state, city or county government, or one connected to a faith-based organization.

  • Amnesty to all gangs members who renounce their membership and enter an entrepreneurial program as a group.

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