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Victory Against Poverty:

  • Stop financing countries that kill our citizens via the drug trade and use that money towards our national debt.

  • Guarantee full employment for every American Citizen.

  • Hold individual, family, church, school, country, city, state and federal economic summits with the faith-based community.

  • Give 90% of all contracts in construction and anything else to residents in the community and businesses owned by the indigenous people of that community.

  • Give a maximum of 10% of business to nonresidents.

  • Take 90% of businesses in every area and divide it equally between the Church, schools and community residences.

  • Promote spending within our community, county, city, state and country with allies and with our enemies in that order.

  • Teach Biblical Kingdom finances and business accounting in our churches, schools and community centers.

  • Churches, schools and community centers can become publishing houses to express the practical applications of Godly Kingdom experiences.

  • Pool all our gifts, talents and resources together to end poverty.

  • Keep the majority of the national budget in America to restore, rebuild and replenish our human and physical potential.

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