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Victory Against Drugs, Alcohol and Cigarettes:

  • All hospitals need to participate as multi-substance abuse centers that includes beds and after care.

  • Provide amnesty to dealers who turn themselves in, pay taxes and repent.

  • Implement a "No Addict Turned Down" program for every addict seeking help.

  • Turn houses and apartments that are used to sell drugs into halfway houses.

  • Use monies confiscated in drug raids to fund treatment facilities.

  • Train and educate former drug dealers and users to be productive citizens via halfway houses.

  • Stop funding countries that grow, manufacture or import drugs to America.

  • Demand payment from countries that owe America money and are involved in the drug trade at any level.

  • Pay farmers in drug producing countries to grow other crops that yield profits, promote nutrition and good health.

  • Banks that launder drug money are to be fined heavily and closed. Use monies confiscated in the war against drugs.

  • Ban all cigarette advertising period in any form.

  • Fine cigarette companies for any child found using their product.

  • Allow parents to sue tobacco companies for their child's smoking habit and for the harm that it is projected to cause in the future.

  • Ban all forms of Alcohol advertisement.

  • Allow parents to sue anyone who contribute to their child's under age drinking.

  • Tax Alcohol and Cigarettes purchases to lower cost health care for all Americans.

  • Tax Alcohol and Cigarettes companies to raise money to lower the cost of health care for all Americans.

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