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Party Press Release

Introducing Georgia's Christ Kingdom Party, the one and only faith-based political Party in America. The Christ Kingdom Party standards are based on the principles of the Kingdom of God. Candidates strictly adhere to the standards of the Christ Kingdom Party. Candidates are held to a written contractual agreement to uphold and protect the standards of the party. We elect the elect.

The Christ Kingdom party is the answer to all major and minor problems plaguing and confronting America. We are seeking God's elect candidates to help them take their rightful place in the Political Kingdom. Any politician who wishes to not compromise his or her beliefs is welcome to join The Christ Kingdom Party. We are calling all the citizenry of America to rise up and take a stand for the rights of the American electorate, to return this country back to the original intent of the faith-based constitution.

The Christ Kingdom Party shall be Victorious in changing and occupying Federal, State, City and Judicial position at all levels of government. The Christ Kingdom Party is the answer to American Citizens who wish to Participate and vote in the political process without compromising their beliefs and faith. The Christ Kingdom Party will return America back to the original intent of the founding fathers of America. The Christ Kingdom Party will raise the standards of America in spite of its moral decay. All Candidates will adhere to The Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is no longer silent and is coming out of the closet.

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Email Address:

Mailing Address: 3007 Panola Drive, Suite #109, Lithonia, Georgia 30038

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