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Healthcare Strategy:

  • Affordable healthcare to all Americans on all income levels.

  • Enact laws against all forms of genetic engineering or altering of Food supply.

  • Cut medicine research funding, redirecting monies to perfect services, follow-ups and after care services.

  • Bring the best minds to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to find cures for Aids, Ebola and other epidemic diseases at home and abroad.

  • Tax consumption, entertainment and any activity that harm health of Americans and use the taxes to fund healthcare.

  • Compete with lower medicine costs in Canada and France.

  • Educate patients and healthcare professionals on alternative cures of HIV/AIDS, blindness and other illnesses believed to be incurable.

  • Computerize and automate healthcare so doctors can administer healthcare over audio/video and computer screens and systems.

  • Educate the healthcare professionals on natural healing.

  • Promote, support and influence Americans to eat organic produce, non-chemical foods, unprocessed foods, and exercise for better healthcare.

  • Give incentives to members of the healthcare system, who eat right, live right, exercise and participate in preventive health care measures.

  • Promote preventive health care for major illnesses.

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