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George Washington and every President after him has said at their inauguration, "... so help me God." In fact, we believe all public officials are sworn in on the Holy Bible and say something similar to the Presidents. As elected officials or private citizens we will compare bills, platforms and polices to the Word of God. We will ask God to help us do the following:

  • Allow prayer (specifically the Lords Prayer) back into public schools.

  • Keep "One nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • Keep "In God we Trust" on our nation's currency.

  • Display the Ten commandments in all public schools, courts and other government buildings.

  • Make the Pledge of Allegiance mandatory in public schools.

  • Place Jesus Christ back in Christ-mas.

  • Place Jesus Christ back in Easter.

  • Use the Bible as an eclectic textbook in all public schools.

  • Have taught in every grade why our Founding Fathers relied on the Bible in drafting the Constitution and the laws of federal, state, city and country's governments.

  • Maintain sacred family structure through the use of biblical principles.

  • Have the Nonviolence Principles of Christ taught in schools and to all government employees.

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