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Build a New Georgia

  • Build affordable subdivisions and condominiums.

  • Build co-op housing complexes.

  • Help every Georgian become a homeowner.

  • Build shelters and transitional homes to house the homeless and educate them to become homeowners.

  • End predatory lending and restore property and monies to victims.

  • Develop farmland individually, cooperatively and community owned.

  • Support organic farming for all food sources by subsidizing organic farmers.

  • Empower residents to co-own community health facilities in partnership with public and private hospitals.

  • Unionize Georgia and empower existing unions to obtain higher wages, safer work environments and better employee benefits.

  • Own and operate co-op utility companies such as oil, water, gas and electric utility companies.

  • End generational taxes on land and homes. Tax land and property for one generation only. Inherited land and homes should not be taxed. You don't own something if you keep paying taxes on it.

  • If any county, city, state or federal building closes; turn them into cooperative owned businesses that help share the wealth with American citizens.

  • Build twelve self sufficient communities in Georgia, one per region. Five communities will be built for the five major. African Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans. Each community will be built buy the indigenous people of that community. The remaining seven communities shall be multicultural communities built by a multi cultural building consortium. The plans for these communities have been developed by Organizations Involved Incorporated, Mr. Curtis Brooks President. We know Separate but Equal and Interrogation both work if biblical principals are followed.

  • Create laws to end fraud in buying and selling homes with a double reimbursement to the victims.

  • Create laws to protect home and condominium owners to insure their fees are not misappropriated and fairly used.

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