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Rebuild the Family — Save the Nation:

The family is the backbone of any free society and the foundation for successful government. Any attack against the Biblical family structure is considered spiritual war or treason against the government.

  • Create a marriage amendment to the Constitution that states, "a marriage between a born male and born female is the only legal marriage permissible."

  • Eliminate any laws that hinder the God given family structure, such as allowing mothers of new born babies extended maternity leave and shortened work week.

  • Create marriage friendly laws that help promote marriage and family, like lower taxes for married couples with children.

  • Require mMandatory marriage counseling before a marriage can be dissolved.

  • Change child custody laws to protect children from bitter parent custody battles by making laws that promote equal parental rights and parental cooperation.

  • Teach children about sexual abstinence.

  • No adoptions of children to same sex partners.

  • No adoption of children by gays and lesbians.

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