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Elder Care and Involvement:

  • Reduce income taxes for elders 55 and older.

  • Reduce healthcare costs annually until elder healthcare is affordable to all elders.

  • Provide free education for elder family members on how to care for today's elders.

  • Educate elders on how to grow old gracefully.

  • Allow elders to receive reduced medicine prices annually until medicine is affordable to all elders.

  • Elevate standards of personal care homes and nursing homes into state-of-the art facilities with help of the government.

  • Offer reduce work schedule via daycare to families who care for their parents at home.

  • Provide free healthcare for elders by year 2012.

  • Pay home healthcare providers higher wages and provide them with better health benefits.

  • Help keep elders active through activity centers.

  • Help homebound elders enjoy their home to the maximum extent possible with programs like community service via schools.

  • Promote, support and encourage families to care for their elderly family member and help them in their caring with subsidies.

  • Provide exercise programs and weekend transportation for elders.

  • Allow for elder helpers/workers in retail stores.

  • Enforce a "no lines" policy for elders in public and private business.

  • Hear concerns of our elders and act on through our Elder Committee.

  • Educate and assist Elders in all resources available to them such as assistance with utilities and obtaining medical assistance (medication), food and clothing.

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