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  • Bring teachers, students, parents, unions and administrators together to develop a plan that will enable American students to compete with the world's top students.

  • Open up new schools that are centered around preparing students for college, also open schools that teach entrepreneurial skills, specialize trade fields and highly skilled apprenticeship programs for students.

  • Use schools as think tanks to help define and solve the problems in their local communities.

  • Develop partnerships between colleges and high schools, high schools and middle schools and middle schools and elementary schools.

  • Develop partnerships with senior citizen homes and schools so Elders can share their wisdom with youth and young adults by using seniors as teacher assistants.

  • Change focus from testing to teaching from theory to practice.

  • Partner with the business community to train students with the skills needed to help operate the businesses they develop in the class room.

  • Change focus from passing academic testing to passing life tests.

  • Create vocational, technical and professional middle and high schools to meet the future needs of their local communities, city, state and country.

  • Fund College Grants program making it possible for all Americans to go to college if they desire and are willing to become prepared.

  • Develop Alumni and community school adoption programs for increase involvement in the education community.

  • Allow students, parents, teachers and administrators to invest in the education community and receive profits.

  • Open new schools that require students to live in dormitories on the schools grounds; supervised by the school's administrators during the school year so that the school can control the students total learning environment.

  • Stop the stealing of money from school budgets.

  • Stop the taking away of student ceremonies like proms simply because test results aren't back.

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