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Economic Strategy:

  • Pass laws that prohibit interest rates on credit cards and loans from exceeding 10%.

  • Reward citizens who save and invest their income by the use of tax breaks for citizens that save.

  • Lower the cost of living by freezing the cost of food, clothing and shelter and by increasing the minimum wage rate.

  • Reduce America's enormous debt by passing a balance budget amendment.

  • Reduce taxes for families with one working parent or single head of household.

  • Eliminate the Federal Debt.

  • Teach, promote and influence all Americans to invest for the future and transfer of generational wealth.

  • Teach Kingdom Biblical principles of managing money and how to be good stewards over finances.

  • Require all couples applying for marriage certificates to attend household budgeting classes.

  • End the gentrification programs that displace people of all races and increase the homeless population.

  • Develop economic partnerships with residents and businesses to empower communities, countries, cities, states, and the nation.

  • Promote ethics in business by creating laws that promote Kingdom of God principles of business.

  • Empower all Americans economically, teaching them how to circulate their monies and invest in their own communities.

  • Reduce Taxes at the Federal, State and Local levels of government.

  • Help the poor become middle class, help the middle class become rich, and help the rich become prosperous.

  • Enact laws making it mandatory that interest rates on credit cards or loans not exceed 10%.

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